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Take a look at the characteristics of this self-taught robotic hand

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Scientists and engineers from the University of Washington surprises us with the presentation of a new model of robotic hand which is notable for being able to faithfully reproduce the fundamental characteristics of a limb humanaba even improving the individual of this functionality since, as discussed by developers of the project, in addition its tip has endowed with artificial intelligence by what can be learned in a way completely autonomous.

Entering a little more in detail, we find that the robotic hand that you see on screen has been developed from software manipulation Adroit, one of the best programs of its kind thanks to its precision and capacity. On the other hand and as you can see on screen, the artificial limb is made up of five completely individual fingers that stand out, as you can see in the video that there is situated just below these lines, both for its speed as skill in executing both simple tasks as complex.

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Automatic learning system, let know you that it is one of the characteristics of the Android software. Thanks to this the robotic hand can learn from their own mistakes in such a way that their work is improving day by day. Precisely according to statements by Vikash Kumar, principal author of the project:

You go to class, they tell you what what you will learn today, and try a lot of things. The next day is better understood. So there is much trial and error in any action we master. What we have achieved at this point is essential and Basic. It is a small step in the right direction, but does not lead to the end.

While at this time the robotic hand has many skills and is even capable of responding in a similar way to as it would a human to certain actions which has, for example, with reflections. Even so, the truth is still the project is at a very early stage of development. The next step that want to give their developers is getting further optimize its operation and above all get to reduce the cost of implementation of the same since, nowadays there is to start from the $300,000 that has the cost of operating the Adroit platform.

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