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TCL shows the resurrection of BlackBerry with keyboard #CES2017

Is complies with it promised makes some hours, and TCL has revealed during the activities of the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 its new BlackBerry with keyboard physical, a model that represents the resurrection of this brand after a brief period of death.

Following with the same tonic that the advancement revealed by Twitter, TCL showed to greater detail his new BlackBerry, but not deepened both on the qualities of its new terminal.

Focused at users business and executives, the new BlackBerry with keyboard physical based its design and function on three factors key: safety, productivity and reliability.

New-BlackBerry-Smartphone-Front-View New-BlackBerry-Smartphone_Back-View

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Using the same software of security and complements traditional of this platform, that now is works with the system operating Android under the goal of achieve an experience more robust.

Were four them items featured during the revelation of the new BlackBerry:

  • Texture: with polished and shiny buttons that mimic the finish of the glass screen.
  • Safety: protected by the software’s security of BlackBerry that is updated in time real.
  • Keyboard: where they say it is the world most advanced intelligent keyboard, predictive keyboard-enabled personalized according to the writing style and the user’s language preferences.
  • Android: no more BlackBerry OS, this is the definitive jump to Google’s platform.

Unfortunately, it is all the information. Technical specifications and even the definitive name of this smartphone is something that the people of TCL will be saved to the Mobile World Congress 2017.

Thus runs the hype.

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