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Technology of the truck prevented the bombing of Berlin was more cruel I

We are still pulling for bingo with the implementation of technologies of prevention and autonomous driving in vehicles, this time related to a bombing in Berlin, capital of Germany, that left no less than twelve dead and numerous wounded. A number of victims that could have been far greater if not for the autonomous system of the truck, which activated the automatic brakes. This is the result of the latest research carried out in respect of the attack, the last added reason to begin to rely more and more on the implementation of measures of prevention and autonomous driving on all vehicles.

First investigations and that they flew by means of communication pointed to the Polish driver could combat terrorist with the intention of preventing the massacre. However, does not seem that the media are willing to contradict themselves now ( Gizmodoinforms us) saying that it was actually the Scania brand automatic braking system, is that firstly, it emits beeps and after traveling between seventy and eighty meters stops the truck automatically, thus preventing the killing would have been much higher.

In Nice, using the same method of attack, with a truck that does not have this type of technology, causing the murder of no less than eighty innocent people. This automatic braking system is mandatory in 2012 for all heavy vehicles circulating in the European Union from the year 2012, legislation that has been expanded at the same time in the United States of America, a clear example that not only consumers should bet on technology in driving, but also the authorities, thus safeguarding the safety of all pedestrians and drivers.

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