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Telcel-AT & T leads in 4G in Mexico coverage

With the arrival of AT & T in Mexico, expected a restructuring prices, services and even coverage in the Mexican mobile phone; and the signature OpenSignal put up a study in where is begin to notice some of these changes.

Among the conclusions takes OpenSignal, is that investment has been doing AT & T already you are paying dividends since, after acquiring Iusacell and Nextel, they have managed to match the speeds 4G Telcel and Movistar, in addition to coverage that is dangerously approaching the Telcel, Movistar leaving at the end.


With respect to coverage, Telcel continues to head with a 64.7% of available, while AT & T reached a 62.16% and Movistar 56.24%.

In terms of download speed, it’s a stalemate if we rely only on the LTE network, but if gather 4 G and 3 G networks, AT & T is winning.


THE study concludes that, of any way, Mexico is late with regard to speeds of 4 G with respect to the average world of 13.5 Mbps.

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