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Telefónica Mexico admits that infrastructure must grow if they increase subscribers

2016 was a year of relatively favourable for the growth of networks of cellular telephony in Mexico. Although AT & T was the company that presented best numbers really all, with the exception of América Móvil, presented a behavior to the boost in its number of subscribers, but does not necessarily represent an improvement in their income.

For Telefónica panorama called anyway to a period of change and improvement. Where they currently have the ability to supply and coverage to its subscriber base active, aware that if that figure rises would be necessary then to improve infrastructure and its spectrum. So noted by Mariano Moral, director of Telefónica Mexico in an interview with El Universal:

Although Telefónica Mexico has 27 million customers in wireless and Telcel around 60 million users, latency there is no much difference because the espectro-clientes relationship is enough to give a good experience to all.

Morality says that currently the use of its technology by businesses achieve generate up to 30% savings in economic terms and to minimize errors by nearly 70%.

Operational excellence would be key to the company’s services and in that same measure, if you grow your user number said that they would also grow them its use of band spectrum to support them.

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