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Telegram also leaves of offering support to versions Android previous to 4.0


A few days ago we inform you of the confirmation by WhatsApp to offer its messaging service in the oldest devices of the markets among which we find the terminals with Android 2.2, 2.3 and 3.0, due to the problem of security which offered these platforms and since the application was an insurmountable obstacle. Now is Telegram who through his blog has made the same ad, but without notice prior, something that not like to them users that wanted to pass to depending upon of Telegram when WhatsApp announced makes ones months that pulling the towel in these versions so old.

To partur of now Telegram, similar to WhatsApp, will require as a minimum of Android 4.0 or later. There are that have in has that the share of the market of users that continue making use of versions so old of Android just exceeds the 1.4%, a figure very low taking in has the fragmentation that suffers this system operating, and that in figures supposed ones 20 million of devices. This process is something usual in the world of the software where each time are older it requirements of the systems operating for to operate correctly, something that in these versions so ancient of Android not was possible.

If not have of another terminal hand, and not have more remedy that follow with your old Android, it only that can do is make use of the service via web, a service that logically is much more slow and not us will offer information on them notifications of them chats where we find. Something that we can’t do with WhatsApp and happy service via the web that instead of offering a convenience to the users, greatly hinders it.

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