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Telegram is updated by adding a cloud of data


Telegram is an of the applications of Messaging Instant more popular to level world, thanks to them options and functions that us offers, and also by the continuous updates that receives that makes that all them users can remove you the maximum party of form continuous. In the last hours and to not miss your appointment, the instant messaging service has received a new update, which we could class as of very interesting.

And it is that in this new version of Telegram we begin to discover and use the stickers more prominent among the users of the service. This section of stickers featured will be in the same place where until now were, and continue to state those stickers that use of a form more usual.

Another new feature is the Preview group. When we receive a link to be able to join a group, if we click on it you will see in a drop-down tab who are within the group. We could say that it is a phase prior to our entry in the group that can be very useful to us.

Finally we must point out the new cloud created by Telegram that it will allow any user to download between 2 and 4 times the received files. The download of files was one of the weaker of the instant messaging service, but seems to have already fixed their eyes on it to try to improve it.

The new version of Telegram is already available for download in different stores of various existing mobile platform applications, so if she has not jumped the update automatically, go right now to install it manually.

What have you think of innovations incorporated by Telegram with its last update?.

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