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Telegram makes you more creative in its last update

Networking social that is added to the trend of Snapchat, with masks, stickers and texts. Instagram and Twitter are clear examples, but it is now a recognized instant messaging client, Telegram, which a few days ago improved their image editor to become more creative.

Photo Editor moves to version 2.0 so that you can add drawings, stickers and text to your photos in a Telegram. So you won’t have to edit them before in an external image editor. To the applied a mask, this is accommodated automatically in the face after identifying it.

The best part is that, unlike Snapchat, Telegram is an open, platform anyone can upload their masks using the command /newmasks in the @stickers bot, despite the redundancy, as well as the stickers.

Taking advantage of that GIFs are back with force, Telegram facilitates the creation of animations by pressing the new button ‘mute’. The animation is played continuously and is saved in the section of GIFs for to use it in another occasion.

Among other innovations, it is now much easier and faster to access the featured stickers, thanks to the addition of a dedicated stickers Panel button. In addition, Telegram announced support for Android 7.0 Nougat.

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