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Tesla will improve the application for iOS users

We all have clear that Tesla is one of the best in terms of electric cars, but we must also take into account everything that surrounds own car of the brand of Elon Musk, in this case speak compatible with the smartphone app and more specifically the version for Apple devices, the iPhone.

Improvements in the application called official for the users of a Tesla, Tesla Motors, and is available for free download on the iOS app store. Obviously also for Android users, but it seems that the most powerful and colorful changes reach users of iOS.

This time the news about the new version to Apple devices (think that also for Android devices) and that will add in it come from Electrek, but are expected to be some more improvements implemented in this new update, which should arrive by the end of the month of December and by the reason which was not launched.

The interface of the application would take more prominent change although the changes will be for everything, we can see new buttons to configure parameters of the car, integration with the widget for iOS, application can configure through a code so that more people can enjoy the Tesla or more detail check the load and location of the car. In short a few important enhancements that we hope can soon enjoy users of a Tesla, which on the other hand has begun to make the sale of your car officially in Spain, that if, at the moment it is almost exclusive to those who have a high purchasing power.

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