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Tesla will update again its Supercargadores with more power to is make completely independent

Supercargador Tesla

As it has been reported the own Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, in their social networks, apparently in the U.S. have decided to upgrade all their Supercargadores. All this information is available in the own profile of Twitter’s Elon Musk where has state responding to some users on the future immediately of your company.

Before continuing, let’s talk about them Supercargadores or ‘Superchargers‘ as them called Tesla Motors. This type of structures are those designed by the company for its electric vehicle users can load free and, depending on the model, free their vehicles. We are talking about a system of fast load which, without a doubt, is one of the pillars in the expansion strategy of Tesla.

Tesla will raise its supercargadores power to 350 kW.

Thanks precisely to the strategy to offer free freight in this series of Supercargadores, Tesla has managed to convince almost all of the users that the idea of a totally electric high-end car is completely successful. On the other hand, as well know in Tesla, not serves with have several of these Supercargadores distributed in the main cities, but, as if of gas stations is treated, need a huge network that gradually go growing year to year so any user can go where wants to without fear to your vehicle is is without load.

Among the novelties announced by Elon Musk, we find the simple idea of these Chargers to increase its maximum power load that now will rise from the current 145 kW, to 350 kW. This is the energy in which want to work manufacturers as Volkswagen, BMW, Renault…, thanks to this update of them supercargadores of Tesla, are a step more near get that load completely a vehicle electric not carry some 10 minutes.

Secondly, we have to talk about the idea of getting that these chargers are completely independent from the mains. For this, and according to the words of Elon Musk, used panels solalres and those batteries of House which currently sells the company. Is true that today there are stations that work with solar energy though, so the 760 stations that today have spread throughout the world get it, there is still enough time.

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