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TEVi is a new platform for payments from mobile phones made in Mexico

Virtual mobile solutions, or TEVi, is a young Mexican company that recently has just launched an application for iOS, and in the coming days for Android, which aims to improve the experience of people with bank cards and payment systems.

Oscar Marin, director general of TEVi, we said:

TEVi is an eWallet that has the possibility of power load all your cards Bank VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay, card.

What we seek is to make sure that the user has an experience, which does not have to give your credit card to avoid problems of cloning and using a security system that we developed, payments for services can be made to our members.

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Something where their creators have put special emphasis on, is on the issue of security. The application offers 6 different ways to access, from Touch ID in the case of devices with iOS, to the entry by means of passwords, PIN, recognition of images, pattern of colors or points; in where the user will choose three to use asking the application randomly each that you enter or perform an operation.

Another advantage, or point of difference, is that they are working with different partners to implement TEVi as an additional payment to the traditional card system, to avoid placing the information personal, similar to what happens when we pay with PayPal, for example. You would only need to have the phone on hand, with the application installed. This would work for e-commerce and even for television sales.

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In fact, TEVi promise is that you can have the assurance that with that application, and credit and debit cards given high on your system, because it would not need cash. Alberto Galván, director of operations, said that even beyond:

If you forget the portfolio, there is no longer a problem and they can only with the phone do all purchases, without having any problem.

In addition, knowing that in Mexico and Latin America, a small minority has the latest high-end smartphones, they have made that TEVi is compatible with all types of phones from the old iPhone 4S or from Android 4 (when it comes out in two weeks). “We want that TEVi is the method of payment that is used everywhere in the world”, said Galvan.

Today the application allows to pay 84 services of light, water, cable television, Internet service providers, etc; and they are working with large retailers to incorporate as one payment option. They expect that this year, join establishments and shops of self-service, restaurant and convenience stores.

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TEVi hopes to start a second phase in November, where users can perform bank transfers from the app, as well as other services that enable financial freedom, without the need of stepping on a bank.

So far, the application is free and is already available in iOS and Android soon.

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