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Thanks to a new standard is increases the speed of the connections Gigabit Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet

While increasingly is more relevant use of wireless connections both domestic and business, the truth is that in professional environments still have much relevance connections cable, it could literally be said that in many cases the Gigabit Ethernet connection is an integral part of the network infrastructure.

Due precisely to this and to the needs of evolution current, from the IEEE is just of approving a new standard for this type of connections. The name’s the same, officially, is the IEEE 802.3bz-2016, 2, 5 G/5GBASE-T but it is better known as 2.5 and 5 Gigabit Ethernet and as well says the title, among the most interesting new features, point out that it can multiply up to five our connection speed without having to modify at all our wiring.

The new standard for Gigabit Ethernet raises five times your connection speed.

That does not have that modify the wiring does not means that the speed end not depend on of the same. I.e., according to the standard that has just been published, if we have a facility equipped with wiring Cat 5a we reach the 2.5 Gbps while if at the time we are committed to installing cabling Cat 6 speed is 5Gbps.

Without place to doubt this new standard for connections Gigabit Ethernet is an improves relevant for all them users, be or not professional. As detail end, comment you that while not have that change the wiring, it true is that If should own equipment of communications capable of working with this new standard. Is expected that them first equipment business not takes too in reach while for them equipment domestic still will have that wait a little more.

More information: Ars Technica

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