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Thanks to Cassini will know much better what are made the rings of Saturn


If you like the world of the space and above all the exploration that gradually are taking to Cape, safe that will meet them adventures, and also misadventures, of Cassini, a probe that was released to the space by NASA beyond by the year 1997. After almost 20 years of travel and work in Saturn finally has been launched the final part of the project where Cassini will precipitate against the dense atmosphere of Saturn.

Now well, so finally Cassini is destroyed still missing ten months, time in which the probe will have time of approach is to them poles and them rings of the planet as never before in the 12 years that takes exploring Saturn. Thanks to this approach the probe may immerse is in them rings in a total of 22 occasions, time largely to Cassini get images much more detailed of them themselves and determine the composition gaseous that exists in those regions.

Cassini will change its orbit for power dip is and study the rings of Saturn.


As detail, let you know that each one of these dives will last 7 days. Thanks to this duration Cassini could make pictures with a resolution of 1 km per pixel which will be later reconstructed to learn about the structure and composition of the rings. Cassini will fly over Saturn at an altitude of 90,000 kilometers above the highest clouds of the planet during this stage. Starting from April of the next year the probe is submerged to something more than 1,600 kilometers to get explore in greater depth the planet.

Once the Cassini mission has been completed, NASA calculated on September 2017, the probe finally end up rushing towards the atmosphere of Saturn to Finish burning as if it were any other meteorite.

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