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Thanks to Google pictures is now much easier to correct the color of your photos

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When taking a photo, normally unless you’re an expert, usually quite difficult to capture the original color of the scene. This know you only too well in Google, the same who wanted to solve this small problem in a very simple way by adding an interesting extra functionality to Google pictures capable of improving the color of any image.

To make use of this feature the only thing we have to do is access the platform of Google pictures and, when publishing an image, as well as to change the exposure and choose the correct saturation, we will also have as an option the possibility of correcting the image white balance automatically. This is done in a very simple way from the latest version of Google pictures where we just need to click on settings, access to the Color tab and adjust the color and nuance.

Google photos updated with interesting new editing options.

An interesting detail is that, if you apply the same edition to several photos, the application shows us the option copy modifications, something that will later allow us to apply all those filters and parameters to a series of photographs in block, something very useful if we have taken many photos in one place at one time. At this point, let know you that, if modifying the photos you do not end like, always you can return to the original using the undo changes.

If you want to try everything that you commented so you must only update Google photos on your mobile andor, in case of having another platform have to wait for the own Google release update, something that will happen very soon.

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