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Thanks to MIT you can set both the functionality and the shape of your robot


A group of researchers at MIT CSAIL, division of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT, has just announced the creation of what they themselves have christened Programmable Desarrollo Material or PVM, a material which can be used in 3D printers, and that allow robots, according to the authors of the project, ‘safe, resistant and more precise in their movements‘.

Basically which proposes this group of researchers with this project is to manufacture a material that can be programmed by anyone, i.e., be able to use this PVM to create a 3D object and that later, once we are using this object, anyone can program the exact levels of hardness and elasticity needed at any given time.

The MIT scientists create a material whose hardness and flexibility can be modified in real time.

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As explained Daniela Rus, Director of the laboratory, thanks to this new material could, for example, create skins for robots capable of absorbing the impact that suffer when they fall to the ground, thanks to this skin reduce the amount of energy that is transferred up to a 250%could. Thanks to this reduction be avoided, for example, breaking the rotor of a drone or a sensor is broken to fall to the ground.

Obviously, this type of material developed by not only MIT is interesting before imminent technical problems or failures of the drivers, but it also can be very useful in landing maneuvers since, thanks to such protection under the impact, much more accurate tests to autonomous drones without fear can be performing more or less abrupt landing. The idea is the apply this type of material in the manufacture of autonomous drones as those who want to use companies like Amazon, Google, DHL… in their new projects.

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