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The 5G is going to be amazing, but be careful with our data

In the context of Mobile World Congress, it was very easy to get lost among the latest of many of the major brands of cellular equipment. The most targeted to terminals.

If you look a little further, you can see other presentations that will surely mark the guideline more strongly in the near future, among these, 5 G technology is that most caught our attention.

In a market that yes or Yes will be dominated by “smart” appliances (say is connected to the internet), it is necessary that the connectivity technologies go hand in hand with these advances, and there is where the 5 G comes into play.

One might think that it is simply a new standard for speed in mobile, and Yes, that brings, but other applications for this technology could change the general connectivity paradigm as we know it.

Its speed can reach without striving 1GB of descent does it become immediately in a bid to inhabited areas, where putting repeaters in the posts, could replace the optical fiber, for example, that it is the most advanced technology available in our region.

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This brings other implications, since connections, being air, and given the stability of the 5 G is a safer option in the event of disasters, where at least communications would not be affected as if it happened when the channels that bring internet into our homes are damaged.

In addition, theoretically the installation would be simpler since you requerirías a receiver hub in your House, which according to specialists, would be so easy to install that depending upon a technical visit, soon could become part of the past.

Returning to the connected devices, this technology allows to differentiate what needs more connection and what requires less data. For example, the computer in your home requires a steady speed to carry out their work, while an intelligent vial requires a minimum of connection to function properly. This insight allows that the distribution of the width of available drop is more efficient and therefore better exploited.

A home where almost everything will be connected each other via the internet presents another challenge, that of security, and is that with modern technology the rod was not very high and there have been emblematic cases of hacks. From a boy in United States that made that a lot of printers with WiFi delivered messages of hate, to others that have achieved change the messages in them go advertising and of roads.

This trial may not seem so serious, but when this function within our core home and we depend on their good performance to meet our day to day it is essential that progress in home automation go hand in hand with substantial improvements in security protocols.

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At the same time, government regulation is a key factor in the advancement of this technology. Very recently a brand of television sets in North America was discovered collecting data consumption of its customers and selling that information to advertisers.

In a world where every machine will have footprint of our habits, it is vital to be effective in the regulation with respect to the privacy of users. Currently much of what we do on the internet serves to try to sell something according to our tastes you would that happen also within your home? The oversight role of the entities must be a requirement from the first day that starts the inevitable expansion of the 5G.

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