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The access quick of Android 7.1 Nougat already available in the beta of Nova Launcher

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Nova Launcher is simply the best launcher we have on Android. Has several traits well striking between which can highlight what would be its capacity to be on par with all what is integrates as novelty in Android with those updates older that are released each year. If you already surprised us by its adaptation to Pixel Launcher, the new launcher for apps, now returns it to do.

And it is that in yesterday was updated to 5.0 beta to bring with you a good striking novelty. This is that now can use them access quick of them apps that is have in Android 7.1 Nougat from Nova Launcher, even if you have the version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Not only is here with this striking new development, but it refreshes with the ability to search bar to show the time.

All the shortcuts that you can use in Nova Launcher are as follows:

  • Settings of system: Wifi, battery and use of data
  • Google Docs/ sheets / slides: new document and search
  • Maps: home and work
  • Gmail: compose an email
  • Calendar: new event, new reminder
  • Google photos: luck and free space
  • Play Music: have lucky, my library, recent
  • Play Store: my apps
  • Google: type in search, voice search
  • Keep: new note, list, photo, audio
  • Todoist Beta: add task, search, today


You do a press prolonged on the icon of the app on the desktop, and you will get a menu with shortcuts to certain actions. Those accesses fast can be de-linked from the icon and take them mismamente to another space of the desktop. For example, by clicking on the icon of the Play Store, see the “My apps” option, do a press long on that access and drag it to anywhere else to leave it there and you can quickly access with a simple click.

Another novelty is the inclusion of time on information that appears beside the new toolbar search to the Pixel Launcher. Access to the beta from the APK that share below.

Download the APK from the beta 5.0 of Nova Launcher

WP-Appbox: Nova Launcher (Free, Google Play) →

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