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The AirPods could begin to be distributed in the coming weeks, according to Tim Cook

Since the announcement of the new “truly wireless” headphones Apple we have seen how the Cupertino seem to not be able to meet deadlines with respect to this product, and it is delivered for analysis units did have one other problem of construction and connectivity.

It continues to be one major problem that Apple has promised to have them in October ready since its most loyal customers already have in their hands a phone without headset port and saw in these small earphones hair dryer shaped the final solution and the final step towards the future without cables.

A customer, already fed up with the situation send a mail to the footballer “Uncle Tim” to argue for the delay of the hearing:

Client: give us a release date. I actually bought the wireless vision of the world that you painted. Now I am stuck waiting with my EarPods while I can not charge my iPhone, something that I need to do my work. Let us know if it is a month or six months, because I’ll have to buy other wireless headphones then.

Tim Cook: thank you for the warning. Sorry for the delay – we are finishing them and you can tell that they will start to be distributed in the coming weeks.

We know that the small AirPods will cost USD $159 and that probably they sell out fast. Upon his release in Mexico and Latin America, nothing of nothing yet.

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