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The Apple app store begins to make cleaning


Makes already much time that it store of applications of Google surpassed in number to the App Store of Apple, but while in the Play Store of Google can find a great number of applications, that in many cases leave that wish, it App Store also is plagued of them but Apple announced makes ones months that would make cleaning and would begin to delete applications that carry a time without update is and whose compatibility with them new models of iPhone still It has not adapted. All them developers that have of an application of this type have received an email where are them calls to update them but wants that its application is deleted.

But not is the only change that Apple wants to implement in the App Store, since also amended the length maximum of them titles of the applications. Apple wants to put an end to the descriptive titles of applications. But if Apple wants that the App Store follow running should improve the algorithm of searches so can find them applications according to their function, not according to its title.

In the email that it sends to the developers we can read:

Dear developer,

September 1, 2016, we announced that we were going to implement a process of evaluation and deletion of apps that do not work as they should, do not follow the review policies or are outdated.

We have detected that your app has not been updated in a long time.

Next steps

To keep the application in the App Store, lance a new version for review that meets the requirements in 30 days. If it is impossible to launch an update in 30 days, your application will be deleted from the App Store until you send an update and be revised.

If delete your App

Will it remain fully functional for users who already have it. Not suffer a disruption in its services, will continue to running them shopping in-app and may return to download it in case of have that restore. However, recommend that update the app as soon as possible to relaunch it in the App Store and make so still functional for new users.

Can continue using the name of your app, because not has been erased of his has.

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