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The Apple Watch is and will continue being the smartwatch more popular until 2020

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Pebble was the first manufacturer who launched a smartwatch and managed to be a success, thanks in part to the price so I had the device. With the passage of the years, began arriving to the market new smartwatches, offered us a device with a color screen and more beautiful than the original Pebble designs. Pebble was renewing the design of their models but with scarce success while other manufacturers continued releasing new models with more features. Apple was one of the companies most took to launching its own model, but when it did it triumphed among users, in part because until then the only option available to use a smartwatch in iOS ecosystem was Pebble.


Shortly after, Google released an application for any iPhone user could make use of a smartwatch managed by Android. It was with the arrival of the Apple Watch the phenomenon of the smartwatch took off completely and the device began to become popular among users of iPhone becoming the device from best-selling dress around the world obtaining a greater than 50% market share.

And of time according to the consultancy IDC the Apple Watch continues being the favorite and it will continue to so at least until the year 2020. Makes ones days, Apple launched the second generation of the Apple Watch, renewal that not has brought important news in the device but that you will allow follow being the King of them wearables at least until 2020, with the successive renewal of the same. This contributes that the manufacturers of such devices seems that they have started to lose interest in renewing annually this model, already this year none of the major manufacturers plans to launch a renewal of their models.

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