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The “Apple Watch” Xiaomi has been presented, the Weloop GPS Sports Watch Hey 3S

Xiaomi has presented to society Weloop GPS Sports Watch Hey its 3S and Yes, this device that has several of the typical functions that can be found in a smart watch or a bracelet cuantificadora, reminds us quite a device that they have at the company’s Cupertino, Apple Watch Nike +. This Weloop has a few measures 46.2 × 35.66 × 11 15 mm and weighing only 38 gram weight, we emphasize it’s weight because it tells us that we are clearly facing a product manufactured in plastic and that despite having a good appearance in terms of design, physical and other aspect, we do not believe that it is made with premium materials.

Photos found on the web show a well-finished watch despite the fact that do not specify what material it is made the watch box, on the other hand Crystal if which clarify that we we have a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Crystal covering the screen of 1.28 inches with resolution 176 × 176 The rest of the specifications are the motion sensor with 9 axes, compass, gyroscope, GPS/AGPS+GLONASS, heart rate, 4.2 bluetooth sensor and is water resistant. Another important fact is that according to the company, it is specified that the autonomy of this device is 30 days, so we are clearly faced with an pulseara cuantificadora clock-like.

On the web of Xiaomi we find this Weloop and certainly the best of it is its price, that would come to be about 70 euros to change. A price that makes for good a product that surely will not launch outside of China and that we will have to rely on the e-commerce, taking clear first that this device and the application function and store the data in if you want to buy will be entirely in Chinese language.

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