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The application that could replace pills

A cell phone application has been approved by the European Union as a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy, and it could revolutionize the control of fertility only with the help of an algorithm and a thermometer.

Natural Cycles is an application that tells users whether they are fertile or not through control of their temperatures. As reported by The Telegraph, already 150,000 people use the app in the world and it has been approved by TÜV Süd certification body to be marketed as a medical device for contraception. The European Economic Area approved it for use in the United Kingdom.

This is the first time that a technology like this is accepted as an effective method to prevent pregnancy, similar to the natural planning or the “rhythm method”, informing users how fertile are on a given day and if you can or can not have sex without being at risk of pregnancy.

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The application works in conjunction with a thermometer and an algorithm that determines if users are fertile. To make it work with precision, women should take your temperature every morning and open the app. Due to minor fluctuations in temperature after ovulation, which increase to 0.45 ° C, the application can determine the fertile days.

Natural Cycles was created by the physicist winner of the Nobel Prize, Dr. Elina Berglund and his spouse, Dr. Raoul Scherwitzl, who used their mathematical background for design an algorithm that could learn the fluctuations of temperature of the women at the time.

While some experts say that this method does not ensure 100% pregnancy prevention (and to definitely do not prevent the spread of STIs), this is an application that can help women to understand their body and control their fertility without interfering with hormones your body. And you would necessarily in an app like this?

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