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The artificial intelligence of Google passes translate languages to create your own

inteligencia artificial de Google

Long time we know that one of the points where more interest seem to hold Google to introduce its system of artificial intelligence is both in their search engines as your translator. Thanks to this and due to the great progress made, from Google, just a few weeks ago, commented us that they were integrating a system of neural networks at your service of translation of languages which, in turn, it was offering enough relevant results.

Now, after all this time of implementation and testing, we learned that this system not only is capable of translating any language with a speed and precision worth admiring, but at this point it is able to create his own language. All this has been caused by the form of work of the own service where, until now, is used the English as bridge intermediate of languages as the Japanese and the Korean, language intermediate that, to mode of test, was removed from the algorithm by them responsible of the service.

Google discovers that his artificial intelligence system has been able to create their own language.

The result of this test was quite unique since the Google translation system seemingly created an interlingua, i.e. an artificial language proper to complete the translation. Unfortunately and to the creators of Google translation system believe for sure that the platform has created its own language, at the moment, because it is impossible to know much more about this artificial language internal processes used by neural networks are very difficult to describe.

Obviously, with this news have been many who have launched campaigns on the fly, without going any further, from TechCrunch, ensure that this type of progress would not do anything show that today machines could be talking among themselves while we could realize and, as it is the case, to give us an account, we could not understand what are saying.

More information: Google Research Blog

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