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The Autopilot in Tesla will be updated in the middle of the coming month


December 2016 is the month chosen by Tesla to update the Autopilot of its Model S or Model X electric vehicles. Also it was announced the own CEO of Elon Musk, in his Twitter account this same morning. The Enhanced Autopilot system will be available to the users of these models from Christmas and is that this system is still evolving from the moment in which it was launched and even after this big update others will be launched along the 2017.

This is the tweet released by the own CEO of the brand in its has where you ask and the reveals dates:

@edwardsanchez about three weeks and it will get rolled out incrementally in monthly releases

-Elon Musk (@elonmusk) 27 of November of 2016

Possibly until the end of the coming year will not be available all details and functions that want to implement this system on Autopilot of the Tesla, but the improvements will begin arriving this coming month. Little by little innovations in this system are polishing and adding not to be a problem in today’s vehicles. It certain is that this system Autopilot has raised certain doubts and concerns between the users, but which has one of these cars has very clear that not is a pilot automatic or at least should have it clear.

In any case improvements are implemented in the car system and it is clear that increasingly is more secure and intelligent. Innovations will continue coming to the Autopilot of the Tesla during this coming month and throughout the coming year.

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