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The autopilot of Tesla detects a serious accident and saves the pilot

We have a multitude of issues concerning the autonomous condition, above all in what accidents forecast refers. Are many which not want to trust in the capabilities of the technology for these requirement, however, them images that are going to show within the post you removed any doubt that can host. The autopilot of a Tesla Model S has avoided an accident that more could probably be fatal without flinching. This is precisely the reason why autonomous driving is the future and we should bet it. There is no doubt that it will have bugs, but less than human, without doubt.

This video is a clear reason to trust in the pilot automatic, provided that those things are well made, clear is. In it, we can see how a red car (Opel Corsa), commissioned by scope with an SUV that is forced to brake abruptly on a freeway. The result of the sharp turn by the accident, the SUV ends up tip and give two-round campaign, while that Opel moves and invades the right lane without that other drivers can avoid another tiny scope.

Meanwhile, the autopilot of the Tesla shifts ligerisimamente to the left to leave a reasonable gap Center and stops without causing more damage. Amazing the reaction capacity of the automatic pilot of the Tesla, a reason to trust him. Are many who have trying to, with news sensationalist, pour controversial to the respect, however, the users just all by match in it stable and safe of the system.

Autonomous driving will arrive, and it seems that we should bet on it. In the video, we can see how the Tesla is going to nothing less than 113 Km/h at the time of impact and stops without suffering any kind of prejudice. In fact, reports the accident even before they happen.

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