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The battery of the Galaxy S8 will be the same that it’s the Note 7

Samsung Galaxy S8

Them components that found in the inside of the battery are highly volatile if by any reason is mixed, since generates a flare of fire or in other occasions can arrive to exploit literally. When began to appear the first problems with the Note 7, much were them experts that stated that the problem is was in them batteries, was by logical the first reason that could generate that them devices is should take fire or that even explode. But after the release of the second batch, with batteries manufactured by another company, is found that the problem not resided in them batteries, but the division of Samsung SDI, charge of manufacture them batteries of their devices already is had loaded the OWL.

Makes some days you commented that Samsung already knows the reason real by which the Note 7 tuvo that be retired of the market, a report that will give to know along this month and that according to seems not had nothing that see with them batteries, at least that seem to indicate them new rumors that arrive from Korea , where is says that the next ship logo of the company Samsung will use the same batteries that in its time used the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

While seems that it withdrawal of the Note 7 of the market will affect little to them accounts of the company, Samsung not is it can return to play another time, and will have their reasons for trust again in Samsung SDI, the division of the company responsible of the manufacturing of them batteries, since if finally is produced a problem similar to the of the phablet of Samsung , yes that could be the point and end of the largest seller and manufacturer of devices mobile in all the world, by the front of Apple and Huawei.

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