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The #batterygate is back, now with Google Pixel

Google Pixel

The year that we are about to finish may be one of the years that many manufacturers will want to forget all those before, because the problems that are suffering their devices with batteries. The case more has called the attention has been the of the Galaxy Note 7 that forced to the company to remove all them devices sold until the time and paralyze the production. If we are talking about Apple, we have on the one hand the problem with some iPhone battery 6s that shuts off suddenly when loading, the duration of the battery in the new MacBook Pro and poor performance that is offering the latest update of iOS 10.2, to the battery of devices is literally drunkis still.

And as there is no two without three, we see how Google has wanted to join the party with the new Google Pixel, a device that every so often is offering different performance problems, performance… Several users of Reddit, have posted a thread in which can see as this device When is located near the 30% of battery is turned off without reason apparent, a problem very similar to which has had Apple with the iPhone 6s and that also suffered it company in the last with the Nexus 6 p, that has difference of the Google Pixel manufactured by HTC It was manufactured by Huawei.

According to can read, not is a problem that has happened a time, but that apparently is beginning to repeat is almost of form continued almost all them days, a problem that apparently not affects to all them terminals, but that probably will force to the company to replace the phone or change the battery, where probably resides the problem. In addition, the phone not turn back on until it is connected to a charger, and when it does the battery is completely discharged.

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