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The BlackBerry Mercury seen in images

BlackBerry Prague

BlackBerry is no longer have an important weight in the mobile telephony market, as was the case not so long ago. However the Canadian continues to try to achieve some prominence with the release of new devices, without getting that if a successful groundbreaking as if you have got other companies.

The BlackBerrry Passport was one of the first attempts, to which after you followed the BlackBerry Priv, in which by first time saw to the system operating Android. More recently we’ve seen the BlackBerry DTEK 60 and DTEK 50, that could now step to the BlackBerry Mercury, the last device of the company which runs John Chen and that in the last hours has been seen in several leaked images.

The bet remains the physical keyboard that both us fell in love with many users years ago when touch screens still did not make an appearance. Today, they have virtually no gap in the market, but on BlackBerry think Yes.

BlackBerry Mercury with keyboard to say goodbye to the market of the telephony

BlackBerry Mercury

This new mobile device, which will be the last of BlackBerry, is a terminal of mid-range, but with aspirations of sneak into the high range. Will count with a screen of 4.5 inches with a ratio of screen 3:2 with what not will be panoramic as happens in other smartphones of the market.

In its inside us find with a processor of Qualcomm, of which still not know your model, although its speed of clock if know that will be of 2 GHz. The RAM is 3 GB and will feature a 32 GB storage which at the moment has not been confirmed whether he may be extended through microSD cards.

In what is refers to the cameras of the terminal, in the part front will see a camera with sensor of 8 megapixel and in the part back the sensor of 18 megapixel. Hope that in this aspect BlackBerry is capable of improving, since in previous devices this was certainly any one of their points skinny.

Certainly any one of their large attractive will be your keyboard physical, that still many still preferring concerning them keyboard touch that can use in it most of them terminals that is sold to day of today in the market.

Can find a hollow in the market this new terminal of BlackBerry?

Sincerely I am afraid that this BlackBerry Mercury will go as unnoticed by the market as it has been others in recent times. The Canadian firm failed to adapt to the times when the market began to change with force, and now is not knowing to develop devices that may truly interest the general public in the market of mobile telephony, which is that ultimately puts you in heaven or in hell.

This will be the last BlackBerry of the Canadian company, which also manufactured themselves and as we have said will be one of many, perhaps too many, that are now available in the market.

I’ve told in hundreds of times, but I wish BlackBerry would do, or rather had made a powerful call high-end smartphone, and had incorporated the great features one day made him lead the market with enormous authority.


Availability and price

At the moment all we know about the BlackBerry Mercury is thanks to rumors and leaks that have been taking place, as well as the little information that has revealed Jhon Chen, CEO of BlackBerry. We envision that this new mobile device will be presented formally soon, although at the moment there is no date set in the roadmap of the Canadian company.

In terms of its price, we can expect anything and that recent BlackBerry, despite not being high-end devices, smartphones were priced as if I was like smartphones that make up that range of the market.

Do you think will get BlackBerry Mercury found its niche in the market and end up being a success?. Tell us your opinion in the space reserved for the comments on this post or via any of the social networks in which we are present.

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