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The British were looking for in Google “What is the EU?” after vote


Many times, one of the most relevant social indicators after a big event, be it political, economic or social, are searches on Google of a particular population sector. This is what has happened in Britain, they fell short to the search box on Google’s questions about the European Union. This news does not have any relevant value, but it was because the top of searches about the EU in the United Kingdom had done just after the results of the referendum, known as “Brexit” have been known. It is anecdotal to how human beings, having to reach the world’s most powerful information tool, use it in hindsight.

So, Google has made public the most recurring searches after the “Brexit“, and is quite curious as the vast majority are related to the functioning of the European Union, even the second most recurring was “What is the European Union?”. Wanting to say, 52% of the population of the United Kingdom voted in favour of abandoning a political and social mechanism that apparently seen, do not know what is not. This is the top of searches on Google after the “Brexit”.

1. What does it mean to leave the EU? / What does it mean to leave the EU?
2 What is the EU? / What is the EU?
3 Which countries are in the EU? / Which countries form the EU?
4 What will happen now we’ve left the EU? / What will happen now that we have abandoned the EU?
5 How many countries are in the EU? / How many countries are there in the EU?

The questions, they are somewhat bizarre, beyond doubt about what will happen in the future, not knowing what is in essence the European Union or which are the countries forming it, makes us think that United Kingdom to summoned to the polls to a population that was not properly informed.

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