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The coffee is our ally to play, study and improve the performance


It is present at events and offices all over the world. However, is becoming more common to find drinks with high caffeine content on the desktops of gamers and students. And it is that according to a recent study, the Millenials are more addicted to that no other generation to coffee, the “drug” psychoactive most consumed in the world. Has never had consumed so much coffee (and so much caffeine), proliferate in fact, companies like Starbucks with a splendid financial health. According to a recent study, those born from the year 1990 are starting to drink your first coffee approximately at the age of 15 years.

Bloomberg is has made eco of these information, although perhaps the popularization of them capsules of coffee have part of the guilt of the expansion of an element as the coffee. Personally there are two cups of coffee (cut or sugar to be exact) in my daily diet. However, coffee is not only something that gives us energy, it is shown that coffee is a drug coercive psi which is not only legal, but is also beneficial to our health.

The problem lies in drinks such as Red Bull and Monster Energy, whose unique and true reason being is much sugar mixture of caffeine in high doses, combined with sugar,. Are these elements, summed to the Coca Cola who disfigure the fame of an added that can improve our mood and our health.

However, coffee don’t feel everyone equally, perhaps for this reason we should consider alternatives such as tea, the caffeine has effects similar to the coffee, and for many consumers it is nicer in terms of flavor. The key point of the tea is that many of its types are diuretics (or other effects), that they can make us feel a little uncomfortable.

Either way, the coffee is present in our diet and the national Coffee Association in the United States of America sees the Millenials, consumers who love the product, presenting the best numbers since 2000.

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