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The computers Lenovo return to be a pain of head for the safety of the user


For a while now, Lenovo Chinese are not doing things well. More than one year ago it showed itself as the software that came on their computers was able to steal our usage data to trade with them. Lenovo apologized public stating that it would change the software to let users data. To them few months more than it itself, since again is showed that in this occasion it did through the firmware of them computers. On this occasion he ducked head if say nothing. If it is true whate the bloatware that is included on all computers of the manufacturers is a nightmare to remove without leaving any trace, Lenovo hasn’t done anything to capture the interest of the public that lost after that scandal.

If outside little, again the company is has returned to see punctuated by a new software that puts in danger the security of Windows. But all is said, seems that all the blame not is of Lenovo but of Intel, the manufacturer of the processors. Dymtro Oleksiuk, better known as Cr4sh security researcher claims to have discovered a new security flaw in the notebook of the company allowing third parties to circumvent the basic protocols of Windows security.

According to the post that has posted in Github, this vulnerability is found in the firmware of their devices, that have copied directly them data supplied by Intel, by what it more likely is that not only Lenovo is see affected by this problem, but are many more the manufacturers affected by this problem. According to Cr4sh, the family of HP Pavillion since 2010 is one of them.

Lenovo has reported publicly that it has tried to talk to this security researcher until it issued the new ruling. Lenovo says that this code was provided by third parties who were working for Intel. The computer manufacturer says that it is investigating this bug in addition to be working on a solution to the problem.

Sincerely after the second security flaw which was published from Lenovo, I do not recommend anyone purchased computers of this firm and again this new ruling has given me the reason, although it seems that all the blame is not yours. Lenovo should check, especially after them last scandals, all the applications, drives and firmware that pass by their computers if really wants to return to recover the confidence of them users.

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