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The creator of Flappy Bird returns to the fray with Ninja Spinki

Ninja Spinki

Flappy Bird was quite an event when two years ago he emerged from nowhere to become the most played by many game. A game very simple in its mechanics, but he was able to challenge thousands of players around the world, to the point that its creator removed it stores games to no power with the fame that got.

Even when disappeared of them stores virtual, is looked at smartphones that is sold with Flappy Bird preloaded as a stimulus for their purchase and the increase in price. Nguyen, its creator, returns to the fray with Ninja Diademy following this way of irritating and challenge players to make to test his patience and nerves.

When the creator of Flappy Bird games have been based on a mechanic in particular, with Ninja Spinki moves on to the various mechanical to be found in the multiple challenges that await you in this new title.

Among those various challenges is one in which we have to avoid a huge cat crush us thanks to lateral movements, or another in which we will have to use our aim through gestures, with which we will have to eliminate a number of ninjas who are as target for our shuriken.

It has a retro style to the pixel art so common today and from which you earned Nguyen for each of the games that has been releasing over the past years. A visual style that allows you to embellish a game and at the same time fails to consume as much battery life.

If you want to have a bit with a very difficult and addictive game, Ninja Spinki is waiting for you from the Google Store Play free.

WP-Appbox: Ninja Diademy Challenges! (Free, Google Play) →

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