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The cyber-attacks increased a 130% during the last year in Spain

We are increasingly in the digital age, there is no doubt, however, this technical and digital evolution is leading to a greater number of crime networks. As you know, a few days ago I left a good practices guide on how to use social networks without committing crimes, today we have to tell you a news nothing hopeful, and is that cyberattacks increased in Spain around 130 percent during the last year 2016. Can seem a dato irrelevant, but put of manifest it little that them companies developers is interested by our security.

This information transmits it Digital economy through a legal technique called Marisol Aldonza and who has analyzed the possibility that not even we are taking into account the totality of the data, since apparently, many large companies choose not to report because a news about a cyber-attacks at your service could lead to a loss of prestige or a distrust that would cost him business.

Meanwhile, the Civil Guard and the National Police Corps continue to be updated constantly, having great specialists with the intention to protect and intervene increasingly better with this type of situation as in the future, but that already are taking place every day.

From the year 2015, with the last reform of the Penal Code, the cyber attack became a crime, covering an important legal vacuum which had on the matter. However, there are that have in has that not always them large companies are object of this type of situations, since have with strong systems of security and specialists in template, a time more are them small and medium-sized companies which suffer more the harassment of them cybercriminals, a target easy of attack and that has much more than losing. This is the situation of computer security in Spain today.

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