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The data on your phone would be committed to charging the battery

A new study by Kaspersky shows the dangers users to connect their phones at stations located at airports, cafes and other public places. According to security firm, malicious people could take advantage of this connection to the information of the phone and fill it with adware and ransonware.

Kaspersky shows that when your phone is connected, there is an exchange of information between this and the equipment in question. The shared data includes the name of the device, manufacturer, device type, serial number, firmware, operating system information and more. The amount of shared data depends on the connected time but Kaspersky ensures that at least the name, manufacturer, and serial number will be offered.

How could my phone is infected?

While there is a known case of a phone that has infected in a charging station, Kaspersky said an experienced performed at the Black Hat Conference in which a phone was connected to a false charging station. Through a series of commands, the phone was flashed after installing an application root.

As usual, Kaspersky recommends taking some actions to avoid being surprised. The most basic is to use trust points to charge the device. Protect your phone with password or fingerprint and not release it at the time of loading is another alternative.

Encrypt the phone and use secure containers (such as those that use companies) also recommended to isolate sensitive information.

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