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The date of sales in Europe of the them Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the 28 of November


Makes some days share with all you the news about the home of the sales for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, without the known problem of them batteries. Now after some days already have in our hands the date official of release that is will take to Cape the next 28 of November in the old continent. We already saw in the previous article that sales in the country of origin of the terminal begin the next 28 of this month and this for the moment remains unchanged, what we didn’t know was the exact date of release in Europe.

The firm launches us release officer that we see at the beginning of October they would have completed the change program of all the models of Note 7 to the problem with the battery and therefore fixed at the end of this month the start of sales in Europe. The same press release indicates that 90% of users of Samsung Galaxy Note7 is host to the replacement in Europe programme have chosen replacement by other Samsung Galaxy Note7 and 3% selected have a smartphone Samsung Galaxy alternative.

David Lowes, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Electronics Europe, insists the message of peace of mind to users who want to seize a new Galaxy Note 7 and step thanks the patience and loyalty to the brand. Of step reminds that all those users that have the model of launch using the replacement to get totally free a terminal new. Press release of Samsung company itself are also a section in which they explain the reason for the withdrawal of the new model of Note 7:

September 2 Samsung stopped sales and shipments of Samsung Galaxy Note7 voluntarily, after an investigation revealed that there was a problem isolated with the batteries from a single supplier.

Already everything seems back on track and we can say that soon they will be on sale the phablet of the South Korean company. You will fail to see if this incident does not affect sales volume and is that users can have some objection to the purchase of the terminal although it is fully renovated and no longer has any problem.

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