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The ‘exclusive’ Assistant Bixby of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is already usable on other Samsung

Bixby is the wizard presented by the South Korean company Samsung during March 29 for the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Initially this wizard is exclusive to the new models of the company and little has lasted the exclusivity since that famous forum XDA Developers have already managed to carry the conversational to other smartphones from Samsung. In addition the Assistant function really well in the ancestors of these new S8, i.e. in the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge so if one of the reasons why you had clear the purchase of these new devices was Bixby, you have another reason for not doing so thanks to the members of the Forum.

The task is not that it is hard to carry out in our Samsung smartphones, but if features or prerequisites are required for this. So we’re going everywhere and Let’s see first what we need and then you see how to install it.

Requirements to install Bixby

First of all the own Samsung device, this is for the moment something essential in the operation of port Bixby to our smartphone. We need Android Nougat installed version on your computer and also need the launcher of the Samsung Galaxy S8. With this and the APK we can find and download on XDA Developers forums now we can perform the installation of the wizard.

The installation process

The installation process seems really easy if we follow these steps that we offer in the developers Forum, but basically consists of:

  • Install the launcher of the Galaxy s8
  • Install the APK of Bixby
  • Enter the configuration of the launcher of the Galaxy s8 and hold down the button on the home screen
  • Activate Bixby and restart

Now when we slide your finger to the left directly we must appear Bixby in our Samsung device. But must be clear that the Samsung Wizard is available only in English and in Korean so we do not have clear that this process is now recommended for users who do not speak these languages, but this is now a thing of each.

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