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The explosions of the Galaxy Note 7 not benefited at Apple, says NPD

The famous phablet of Samsung continues to speak, and that within new scandals above an aircraft and operators taking actions against those who remain with their terminal, a new study shows.

Despite what many might assume, the problem affecting the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 not it benefited from sales of Apple, according to a study by NPD (via Apple Insider).

“The majority of them users that bought a Galaxy Note 7 (and it returned) chose by another team of Samsung’s range high”, cries out the study.

Also try of explain this phenomenon as something similar to what happens with them loyalties in the sport, where those users are very passionate and are very committed with their decisions. This would have led to very few fans of the great S were disappointed to the point of leaving the brand.

It is exposed on the other hand, that these data are based on comparisons of activations of devices during this time of the year, but that will never be known with absolute certainty until Apple to their financial status and see identified 7 iPhone sales (not distributed units).

It seems that Uncle Tim was left with the desire to receive the Note 7 users.

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