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The famed Chainfire can make ROOT a Google Pixel

Google Pixel

One of the main advantages that we have in Android is that we can scrutinize everything from the system root files if we ROOT the phone. iOS can never say the same because they maintain that part of the directory of files under lock and is the region that allows Android modify, install, and have certain apps to do whatever we want with our smartphone.

Chainfire is one of those developers that has gotten that Android is special in if. And is now when from his Twitter has shared an image where shows as has made ROOT to your Google Pixel. Yes, it has finally done it, take ROOT in a Pixel is already a reality, although it will continue seeking other methods to have permissions to modify system files.

Google has been quite cautious with the option to make ROOT at his Pixel. He has been saved the backs so that, if the system understands that there is ROOT, certain apps may not be launched or display a notice to the user of the danger that can lead to.


-Chainfire XDA (@ChainfireXDA) October 27, 2016

And what would have been quite difficult to achieve, it isn’t, and that with a bootloader open, acquired from the Google Store version, the way to make ROOT is relatively easy. The only handicap is that a message each time that start system which can not be removed, and what was said with these apps that may not be launched or are cut into options.

Chainfire mentioned that to get ROOT it has been possible to turn off verity and change tracking, even if your idea is to continue working to find the way to run the ROOT without that requirement. So, for users who can not live without its ROOT, when they have a Pixel in hand, they may have those privileges to install modules Xposed u those many special ROOT apps.

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