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The fateful year 2016 it will last one second more to adjust the clocks

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According to the service international of rotation of l Aland and systems of reference (IERS), and not is a joke, so is as is called the institution, there will be that add a second extra to the day 31 of December of 2016 to to adjust the section schedule of form completely correct. Let’s talk a little bit about this second more that we add to our year 2016 if we all continue to flow well to schedule is concerned, while, cross fingers that no great music legend dies along the way, and is that the year 2016 is especially being black for them.

This second extra, as we are told in Gizmodo, is known as “second it inserts” and is a method that is used to compensate for changes in the Earth’s rotation and which alter the clock. Like them we have, makes 200 years, a day solar lasted 86.400 seconds; Today lasts a few seconds 86.400,002, and is that apparently the speed of rotation of the Earth is shrinking so tiny but perceptible (two seconds every two hundred years is not bad at all). Them watches shall then Add the difference to continue working correctly.

Sometimes, as this year 2016, it is necessary to add or subtract a second, something that has been doing since 1972 and that now ensures the proper functioning of our time system. Normlamente, this more or less second is added between the months of June or December, this time added to December 31, careful friends, are going to have one second more for you to eat the grapes. A second can cause errors computer of utmost gravity, by that there are specialists earrings of this type of imperceptible variations. In definitive, 2016 is going and hope that in 2017 to continue trusting in us.

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