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The FBI wants to unlock other iPhone related to a terrorist

We all remember recent events related to the iPhone from San Bernardino and the failed attempts of the FBI to unlock it. As the novel continues, because now they have in their possession another iPhone related with the recent murders of Minnesota.

According to Wired, the iPhone in question belonged to Dahir Adan, author of the stabbings at a mall in Minnesota, and who died from a police bullet. The special agent of the FBI, Rich Thorton, commented the following media:

Dahir Adan iPhone is locked. Are in the process of evaluating our options legal and technical for power access to this device and the data that can contain.

It is unknown which model of iPhone is, because if it is a model with iOS 8, or later, will face a case similar to San Bernardino since all devices with this operating system hereinafter have encryption. In addition, iOS 10 has patched many of them “holes” that were used by the FBI to decrypt the iPhone of San Bernardino.

Either way, the FBI already knows that Apple does not cooperate in such situations, respecting the privacy of the users. So you need to know that actions be taken according to the challenges that represent them this new iPhone.

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