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The first details about Google 2 Pixel filter

Loved by many, hated by many, but an apparent success of sales after all. Pixel continues with his commercial career, but seems that its degree of acceptance has been sufficient so that Google ventures to develop a successor, and now the first details on lathe to “2 Pixel” have been leaked.

Everything arises thanks to Stephen Hall, reporter from 9to5Google, who used his Twitter account to share some details about the new Pixel, which would finally have a water resistant design:

Little tidbit we were told in October last year that I forgot about: “Waterproofing definitely coming with next Pixel device.”

-Stephen Hall (@hallstephenj) January 25, 2017

Hall says in the message that, since October, had received the report that the 2 Pixel would be water-proof and even provides some additional details about the reasons why the first model did not have this protection, suggesting that time requirements, the design of the camera and cost increase became impossible to change :

It was both a time constraint and an “internal conflict between hardware (namely, camera) and/or waterproofing vs.” price point”.

-Stephen Hall (@hallstephenj) January 25, 2017

In all case the higher value of this report is that is confirmed indirectly that Google would be working in a new Pixel, from ago months.

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