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The first great alternative to Android manages to be certified in Russia: Sailfish OS

A time so far, it is undeniable that in the area of mobile telephony, the subject has been reduced to two versions: Android and iOS. Many have tried to meet with some piece of cake, but for some reason have fallen by the wayside. As testimony we have Symbian, Windows Phone, and even Firefox OS, among others. Today, a new operating system that we have been hearing for some time but never made much noise got the full support of the Government of Russia: Sailfish, Jolla company.

The Russian Government has a while encouraging mobile operating systems that non-Americans on their foundations, such as iOS and Android. That is where have put resources in the development of Tizen of Samsung but not with the expected results. They have achieved significant progress, as the port of several Android applications to the system, but with that obviously is not enough, that’s Sailfish to finally win the heart of the commanded by Putin.

In his country the dependence on other operating systems is 95%, something almost insulting to the Russian nationalist claims. We have proposed that the 2025 dependence is less than 50%.

Under the eaves of the Russian company Open Mobile Platform is that Sailfish will begin to see the light in the oriental country, under an own modification intended for the domestic market. Terminals with this system will be adopted even by representatives of Government.

The major premise of Sailfish is the security and privacy. Its creators believe that in the long term this issue will become more socially relevant and people will look for alternatives to Android, but recognized that by now there is a mass market to promote your system.

intex_aqua_fish_01A terminal Jolla with system operating Sailfish. It was in beta stage.

The time window to get a device with Sailfish to the Russian market is still wide, but according to its creators should be in 2017. In the interval, already run internal testing within Government-controlled corporations. “Sailfish is an independent open source not controlled by large corporations, ideal for local collaboration and customization system” says the Russian Government about the why Sailfish ended up being your friend system.

The great irony is that Jolla is Finland, which despite being close to Russia, it is not Russian. Yet the red giant believes in is the best alternative possible to dethrone iOS and Android. They hope investors from markets big as Brazil, India and South Africa to join the initiative.

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