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The first image seeps of how could the Samsung Galaxy S8


Rumors, rumors and more rumors. In the last weeks is have intensified them rumores that surround to the next release of the ship logo of the company Korean Samsung. There are that have in has that the company is obliged to launch a terminal spectacular both in design as in benefits, now that the most of manufacturers are beginning to adopt the screen without frames side. Rumors related to the display of this terminal, claimed that the ratio of screen might be a ratio that we would offer 90% a terminal where virtually all the front screen is and as we can see in the first alleged image that has filtered through Weibo is confirmed.

As we can see in the picture, the classic of the Samsung Home button would disappear completely from the front. We don’t know if Samsung would have finally integrated it on the screen, on the edges of the device or like most manufacturers, will be located it on the back of it. It same happens with the sensor of footprints, sensor that some rumors pointed to could be integrated below the screen, something that with this single image not left of doubts.

In the part superior of the device can see what would be the reader of iris, that already premiered the Galaxy Note 7 and the camera front of the device. If finally the terminal is as is shows in this photo, of time has a painted spectacular. Now only missing know that we are going to find in the interior and in the part back. Perhaps Samsung us can surprise with a camera back with zoom with the model that has presented Asus in the CES of the Vegas or a double camera that allows perform the same functions of blur automatic that the iPhone 7.

If the release date is scheduled for March, I sincerely believe that it is too early as to which the company has begun to manufacture this device, therefore this image would have to catch it with tweezers. Also, is rare that the part back from the same not is has filtered next to this. Them coming leaks us will confirm if finally this image is a mounting with Photoshop, has painted if us look very well, or if really will be the Galaxy S8 that arrives to the market.

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