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The founder of Oculus leaves Facebook

When the virtual reality headset designed by Palmer Luckey from reaching the platform of Kickstarter looking for funding, Luckey became VR of Silicon Valley guru. Shortly after his presentation, many were the companies who were interested in the project, which eventually ended up in the hands of Facebook, something which did not initially make no grace to all those backers who had opted for this project. But it seems that his adventure on Facebook has ended as we can read in the press release that it has published the social network. The reason? I believe that we will never know.

In the news release that announced the abandonment of the guru of Facebook virtual reality we can read:

We will miss you. The legacy of Palmer goes far beyond Oculus. Its spirit of inquiry helped in the revolution of the virtual reality in modern as well as help build an industry to its around. We are grateful for all he has done for virtual reality and Oculus. We wish you the best.

It can be that you one of the reasons for this decision has to do with the trial that recently lost Oculus, trial whereby he was sentenced to pay $ 500 million to Zenimax by allegedly used technology that had been developed by this company, an intellectual property that John Carmack, old work of Zenimax, led before becoming part of the project of Palmer Lukey.

In the year 2014, Facebook did with Oculus after paying $ 2,400 million, which has had to add all the money that has invested since in addition to the 500 million that has had to pay, what triggered the costs of a project which finally has not had the success that the company would have liked , since the live HTC, Oculus direct competition, are being sold twice.

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