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The G6 LG iris scanner would make mobile payments


A few weeks ago our colleagues talked about the scanner IRIS the next model of the South Korean firm LG, including the iris scanner seems a distant technology, but is very close. However, the Big Apple and Samsung are still refusing to include these cameras on their devices, but LG, who recently committed to true madness, want to try with this new method of peculiar security. According to the new information, this iris scanner would have skills related to mobile payments. Let’s see what could be this new mobile payment by iris scanner system.

According to the first tests of LG, the method would be basically combine the sensor ready for iris and classic front camera sensor to reach high safety parameters. On the other hand, nothing has been mentioned about components that they use for that, just a sensor that could be all in one, or two separate sensors, both on the front of the device. But being honest, this will affect significantly the thickness of it.

Meanwhile, work in LG Pay make compatible with the iris scanner, as well as include a kind of NFC card that would accompany the device. All this, coupled with rumors about removable battery, makes us think that LG is going to return to the fray with foreign news, as it did in the G5 LG and their “friends” that proved a resounding failure, while the device pointed ways.

The arrival of the LG G6 would principles (the first quarter) for next year, so will increase the rumors regarding this, without a doubt. Meanwhile, LG continues giving turns to how it has failed all the engineering marketing they had after the LG G5 and its “friends”.

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