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The Galaxy S8 won’t come out ahead of time, says Samsung

Given explosives incidents with Galaxy Note 7, was expected to the South Korean giant it to hurry the presentation of its new logo, but they themselves have charge of deny this information.

Let us remember that the Note 7 was “hurry” given the speculation about the iPhone 7. Specifically, is thought that the phone of Cupertino not would have big news and was the opportunity perfect to grab a good share of users boring of them same designs year to year. That trouble already know as ended and apparently Samsung seems to have learned her lesson.

A Samsung Executive, in a statement for Etnews, stated: “even before releasing the Note 7, already had a separate plan to announce the S8 Galaxy.” Advance the date, as well as from nowhere, it would be virtually impossible”.

The new equipment, which we hope is announced on February 26, we expect better battery life, double camera, scanner of iris, screen 4 K, 6 GB RAM, processor Snapdragon 830 and which do not explode

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