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The Google Nexus family could continue to live


Several months ago, most media have given by fact that the Nexus range was on the verge of disappearing completely, since the Mountain View company to bet on a new family that already used in the Chromebook called Pixel, some terminals manufactured by manufacturer HTC which will be released on 4 October. But it seems that it is not so, according to the tweet that has published one of the major editors of 9to5Google in which it stated that Nexus has not died, without providing more information in this regard, but that makes us ask ourselves several questions.

The Nexus family has always been characterized by offering reasonably priced, though not models of last year, a medium range terminal. But with the arrival of them Pixel and Pixel XL, of which know practically all its features days before them present the company, Google seems that wants to enter in the competitive market of the range high where only is are Samsung and Apple. Perhaps Pixel is the range high of Google while Nexus will continue being the range medium-high.

Perhaps the idea of Google of begin to manufacture their own devices go to be preceded of a new denomination for treat of differentiate it range Nexus, economic with good performance of the range high, Pixel, a little more face that the range Nexus but offering ones terminals with very good specifications. This form and relying on other manufacturers, the company prepares the way for the next year start to design and manufacture their own devices, an intention that today has not been confirmed in any moment by Google but it seems that it is the way that will follow the company for the release of their future models.

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