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The Government German forces to WhatsApp to leave of collect data of their users


Makes a pair of days, our companion Jordi you reported on them changes in them terms and conditions of the application WhatsApp, ones changes that requested our permission so the company could begin to share our number of phone and all what do in Facebook with companies of third for se put directly in contact with us also through the application or through our has in it network social. If we decide that so far has reached Facebook interference in our lives, WhatsApp kindly inform of that I had to stop making use of the application. IE: you go through the hoop, or forget to use WhatsApp.

Germany, one of the countries most concerned with the privacy of internet users, has been in contact with WhatsApp to stop collecting and transfer the data obtained so far and to also delete all the information obtained so far announced changes in the terms and conditions of the service. The Hamburg court to taken this decision, says that not been notified properly more than 35 million users of WhatsApp nationwide changes in conditions of service involving trade in your data.

Is clear that Facebook bought WhatsApp for, more afternoon or early, begin to market with them data after integrate them in Facebook, despite the announcement of Mark Zuckerberg when bought the company of messaging in which said never would sell information personal on them users and that not would change its political of privacy.

Who wants something, something difficult. On the internet there is nothing free. The most of companies that offer services free trade with our information for to keep them services and what is trying to of do WhatsApp is a step logical in an economy of market in which have that get income for to maintain a service.

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