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The iPhone is no longer the top-selling smartphone in China, the R9 Oppo has dethroned him

Oppo R9

Apple fought for a long time to reach the Chinese market with their devices in an official way. Once it made the iPhone is developed quickly in the smartphone more sold despite the high prices with which is marketed in the country Western. However, something is changing and is that according to the latest report released by the firm Counterpoint, the Apple terminal would have been dethroned.

And is that local companies come to dominate the mobile market, becoming the Oppo R9 in the best-selling in China Smartphone, although that itself followed closely the 6s iPhone.

The difference with regard to them figures of distribution, leaves very to them clear that Apple not crosses its best moment in Chinese, and that Oppo, despite not be very known out of its country of origin, is living a growth excessive within their borders.


In total, have been sold 17 million units during the 2016 of the Oppo R9, standing out for its design, a camera for selfies very interesting and very balanced specifications that make it one of the best devices of the so-called middle range. As regards to the iPhone 6s, that as already said is placed in the second position, the number of units sold is going to them 12 million.

Here we show you the list of the best sellers in China smartphones;

Smartphones China

Now will have to of wait to see if them iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are capable of recover the throne lost, although to good safe that to Apple you gives a little equal, clear is, while them figures of sales is maintain and others markets continues growing largely.

Are you surprised that Oppo R9 is the best-selling in China smartphone?.

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