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The Japanese giant Rakuten closes in Spain


Rakuten ecommerce giant closes in Spain at the end of August. If we are clear that this news is not a gadget or similar, but it’s a huge store online that after arriving in our country last summer of 2013, will close soon. So far not close only in Spain, it seems that Rakuten will restructure its movement and shops also in the United Kingdom. the news assailed the network this afternoon after that various vendors to receive the official communiqué of the giant Rakuten.

For now we have clear is that this restructuring affects Spain and United Kingdom, where it will shut down shops and offices in Cambridge and Barcelona, in addition to the websites and This movement will leave very touched some sellers who were within Rakuten and obviously now will have to find other outlets to continue with their business.

It seems that the main reason are the scarce benefits obtained with the margins in our country and the UK, so you want to focus on markets where these benefits are higher. The case is to markets in France and Germany where sales and margins appear to be higher for the giant Rakuten, will allow them to continue growing at a good pace and therefore decided to focus on them aside Spain and UK.

Tomorrow already cease the activity in terms of advertising and promotions several different stores and the end of August will be closed permanently. On the other hand activities or affiliations with tv services, e-readers or similar, will remain active. Even though personally had never bought anything on Rakuten, some deals were really interesting and it is a pity to lose this other option.

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